Laura & Craig's Wedding - The Plough

Well have I got a treat for you today!! Where do I start with this wedding??! A month ago today Laura & Craig got married at The Plough at Leigh, it was the first ever wedding ceremony at the Plough and it was AMAZING!! Laura is a very talented tattoo artist and has been inking me for a few years now, and I went to school with Craig, so I was super excited for them when they told me they were engaged! I really, really wanted to photograph their wedding as I knew it was going to be epic! Each time I saw them and found out more about the day, I got more and more excited imagining all the photos I wanted to take!

Laura totally rocked her 1950’s style wedding dress, showing off her awesome tattoos and incredible blue shoes! I loved that the boys were wearing jeans, a shirt and waistcoat, with no jacket. Not only did this expose more tattoos, (yay!) but it yielded an incredibly stress-free atmosphere, which I know was important to Laura & Craig. And it worked! Everyone was super relaxed, happy and smiley!

The Star Wars theme was a huge hit, I loved working with a Stormtrooper! (How often am I going to be able to say that?!) And just when you think this wedding couldn’t get any more amazeballs, Craig surprised Laura with a fantastic fireworks display in the garden before they kicked the evening off with the first dance!

I enjoyed capturing every minute of this wedding, it was great working at The Plough again, and I am delighted to show you a selection of my favourite images from the day :-)

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