Sita & Richard's Wedding Story

The Bride & Groom

Richard Turner & Sita Caldwell, 4th August 2012, Kennington Church, Ashford, Kent.

The proposal

Rather romantically on a bench in town which was one of the first places we met!

I insisted we walked to town in the pouring rain for no reason!

We then went and bought Final Destination 2 (the first film we saw at the cinema together) and got Mc Donald's chips and strawberry milkshake.

Planning the day

A lot of things were planned in advance as we delayed our wedding and bought a house.

The venue was the church near my parent's house and the reception was at a sports hall not too far away so it was convenient for everyone.

The main things we wanted to spend money on were the photographer (as these would be the images that would be with us forever) and the honeymoon - as this would be our time together.

Everything else we did as cheap as possible and called in favours or made things ourselves.

The hen and stag nights

The stag do was a good old jolly boys outing to Portsmouth with family and a few close friends and the hen do was a cider country bumpkin themed day in Bristol with a night out in the town after.

The wedding

The weather was cloudy in the morning but luckily only rained for a few minutes and brightened up nicely!

The bride had a nice chilled out morning getting ready and being fussed over and arrived calm and collected.

The groom chased after the best man, left the pin holes at home, put the hall together with an army of help and got to the church on time.

Forgetting though that he would have to great every guest on the way in.

A simple, obvious thing that had not crossed my mind until people started turning up.

When the doors opened and the event started, all was forgotten and the day went smoothly

The venue

The venues were chosen purely for convenience and the picturesque settings of the church.

The outfits

The bride's dress was a traditional white dress with an extra long train and corset.

The grooms suit was rented but was twinned with a home made purple leopard print waistcoat - as were the best man and Ushers!

The bridesmaids were white dresses with homemade leopard print sashes.

The transport

We chose a horse and carriage as our transport, mainly because it would be so different and stand out more than a traditional wedding car.

It was one extravagance that we didn't want to compromise on. It was either that or a delorean!

Wedding theme/colour scheme

Purple leopard print.

Favourite wedding purchase

The honeymoon - or the cake which we are still saving for the christening.

The flowers and table decorations

The table decorations were all purple and silver. We had silver painted branches with LED lights on them, purple candles and gems.

We made our own favour boxes and put a homemade truffle in each one with a purple bow and homemade name tags with matching bows.

The flowers were a mix of purple and white and were actually changed the day before the wedding due to the supplier not ordering the correct ones, but it was a quickly averted crisis!

The Food

As we had 100 people to feed and were on a budget, we called in a favour and had a hog roast and buffet with a selection of desserts.

This was the best decision ever and it was like a giant BBQ with more than enough food to go around.

We used purple paper plates and plastic cutlery and everyone said how much better it was as it was so relaxed and informal...and you could go up for seconds!

The cake

We had a traditional fruit cake that was made into 4 tiers and decorated with white and purple hearts on one side.

We also had a second cake that was used to cut up and give out to the guests so that we could keep some of the wedding cake for ourselves!

The first dance

God only knows by The Beach Boys.

The entertainment

This was just a DJ as that way everyone could request what they wanted and there was something for everyone.

As the weather was nice, most people spent the time outside...on the bouncy castle...well, when we could throw the kids off and let the adults play!

The memorable moments

The whole day was pretty memorable from start to finish. Our idea was to keep it as laid back as possible so everyone could have a good time.

Obviously as the night went on and more alcohol was drunk, there were some great moments, but we won't go into those!

The honeymoon

Our plan for the honeymoon was to make it something memorable, so we spent 3 weeks in Thailand.

The first week was in luxury by the sea where we could just relax and enjoy being married.

We then travelled around Thailand, seeing as much as we could in the time we were there.


The advice we can give from our experience is start early and make as much as you can by yourself to save money.

Our wedding wasn't expensive overall but we were able to create a memorable day that everyone enjoyed.

Call in any favours where you can - we found that there was always someone who could help you, or they knew someone that could.

I think the only thing I would change is not having more videos of the day.

Despite today's technology and everyone having cameras on their phones, there was very little footage and none of the speeches for us to look back at.....although maybe that was a good thing!!

An essential 'must have' is good photographs as these will be the most looked at pictures for the rest of your life and everyone will want to see them, so it is important to get something worth keeping.


Venue - Kennington Church,

St Marys Church & Hall

Church Road




TN24 9DQ

01233 664820

Sandy Acres,

Sandyhurst Ln, Ashford, Kent TN25 4NT

01233 627373

Bride's dress – Bridal shop in Canterbury, Kent

Grooms suit – Young's Suit Hire

Flowers – A favour from a friend who does flowers for Selfridges!

Entertainment – Googled DJs and found a cheap one but unsure of the name

Transport – Jane Cox Horse and Carriages

22 Athelstan Road, Chatham, Kent,, ME4 6EJ

01622 884181